Glow Lab Blackberry & Bay Body Wash 400ml


A refreshing blend, boosted with super-hydrating Betaine and Pro-Vitamin B5, to hydrate and regenerate skin. Shea Butter delivers essential fatty acids to promote skin health and suppleness, while Argan Oil and Vitamin E protect against sun and environmental damage and rejuvenates dry skin. Blackberry and Bay fragrance notes cleanse and revitalise. Our gentle formulation is pH balanced and suitable for all skin types so can be used by all the family.


In shower or bath, apply to wet palm, create a light lather and massage onto skin. Alternatively, squeeze onto a loofah or flannel, wet to lather and apply. Rinse well. Our natural, pH balanced formulations have lower lather rates to gently cleanse. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

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