Lifestream Chlorella 500mg 200caps

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Lifestream Chlorella 500mg Vege Caps contains high levels of chlorophyll with plant based vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It has “cracked” cell walls that enable better digestion and optimal absorption of the nutrients inside.

Chlorella is grown under strictly controlled conditions and tested to ensure a pure, premium quality product.

How To Use

Adults: Take 4 capsules (2.5g) daily.

First Time Users: Start with 1 capsule daily and build up the dose over a week.


  • First time users should slowly build up the dose over a week as per individual pack recommendations.
  • Headaches, blemishes, tiredness or changes in bowel motions may occur when first taking chlorella.
  • Drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses a day). 
  • Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding due to the detox action.
  • If you are taking any prescribed medications we recommend you check with your healthcare professional before taking supplements.

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